Berlin, the city that rides with change. Demolish it or build it, memorialise it or deface it – we’ll skate on it. We take the rough with the smooth, the fast with the slow, the Sterni àpres-skate with the Vert Ramp descent. We mix the amateur with the pro, the polished with the punk, the Ollie with the 360 Pop Shuvit. We wear Dose.

Dose is a fresh skatewear brand inspired by the versatility and diversity of the Berlin scene’s Bermuda Triangle: the skating hub that connects the Warschauer benches with the DSS and the RAW Gelände Skatehalle. Our borderless garms embody the clean lines you’ll find whether you’re rolling on the halfpipe or kicking up the urban dirt. 

Remember where you were skating when that thing happened? Of course you do. Every skater is a story – a tale of tricky landscapes and landmark tricks. When our weird and wild international crew aren’t skating, designing, or curating our rad skating magazine, we’re exchanging memories of the global spots that shaped us. 

Ride with us.